10x consultant with key competence

Mindset, attitude, motivation and communication skills are crucial

Everyone in our business understands there’s a huge difference in productivity between two consultants even when the CV’s look similar. There are so many important skills that are hard to catch on paper. E.g. mindset, attitude, motivation and communication skills are crucial in order to deliver a high quality output and according to plans. Our consultants are all recruited within our networks and they have all passed our tough tests.

During our recruitment process the most important question is not even asked to the consultant, but to yourself: ”Would I like to staff my own project with this consultant?”

All consultants have a long and solid background in the system development process. They are all are experts within their specific area. Whether you need a skilled and talented Lead Developer, IT Architect, Project Leader or someone that has an understanding within a specific business process or business area, we can help you. We define ourself as a 10x consultant, we believe that the value we deliver are several times higher based on our experience. We will never step into a commitment without knowing we can fulfill the assignment.

Working Process

“It’s a lot easier to change things you can see and measure. Working in a glass box is a great thing for both suppliers and customers.”

Consultants in different roles

Experienced developers, mainly in java, dotnet and similar programming
Solid expertise in developing and managing mission-critical systems in various businesses.
System and integration architects with the ability to design and implement business critical solutions.
Senior Project Manager that can drive agile development in a structured and professional manner.
Deployment Manager with solid experience in deploying large mission-critical systems.
Roll Out Mgr with extensive experience in running complex, international Roll-Out project.
Configuration Mgr with a knack for setting up and running version and change management in large international projects.
Business and requirements analysts who can drive both business modeling, data modeling and requirements work.
Test manager with deep experience in test management, test strategies and hands on testing.
Experts in various fields such as information security and automated testing.


Investigations and studies such as open source solutions and security solutions
Development projects
Training & mentoring


Application management, mission-critical systems, business commitment, SLA, etc.
Turnkey solutions for project and process support, including hosting, support and management.