Business critical systems

Business critical projects must be predictable in terms of cost, time and result

Over the years our consultants have worked with a long range of companies in different business. Industry, healthcare, judiciary, logistics are just some examples. Even if we have achieved deep business knowledge in many areas we do not see ourselves as domain experts. The common denominator is; business critical systems. Business critical systems not only require focus on functional behavior but also on the non-functional requirements. 

Availability, performance, maintainability or legal aspects – the priorities depends on what kind of system or business we are working with.IT informa has developed a process both for qualifying the required attributes and to drive the process in order to ensure our development meets the requirements. Our consultants are all fully aware when working with business critical system you cannot take anything for granted or just hope for the best – the expected quality must be clearly defined as part of the requirements analysis and verified before release.We provide the key competences that are required for developing and maintaining business-critical systems. 

With our knowledge, experience and skills we make a difference. That is why we do deliver more than expected. 

We are 10x consultants.