Ann Nordin

Ann Nordin

Senior Consultant

Ann is a dedicated PMI certified project manager, mentor and experience educator. Ann work as project manager and can either work in an operational role or as supportive role as mentor, coach or educator.

Ann has a background as project manager with big understanding for processes and worked with both small and big international companies. The customers have the last years mainly been multinational companies, but also smaller organisations within sports- and marketing event sector. The systems have been business critical and the projects large and complex.

Ann is a very energetic person, with energy that spreads to other and get them engaged and inspired to do things independently. She is a social person, who easily creates and maintains her contacts. Ann loves to grow her network. She takes a clear and secure leader role in many situations. As leader she is very perceptive and listen to the environment but are still clear in her way of give instructions and explain. Ann is a respected teacher / speaker for various audiences within leadership, teambuilding and mentorship. She has a skill to see all that contributes to a successful result.

Ann is dedicated and always completes a task. She likes sports, in time being, mostly gymnastics and Rope Skipping. She also likes challenges, both in her profession and private.