Christer Svensson

Christer Svensson

Senior Consultant

Christer is an experienced Software Developer and Project Manager with extensive experience in large and small projects with activities closely related.

Christer works as a technical project manager and specialist for development departments, projects or programs where support is needed. He will be happy to play a catalytic role as a specialist or trainer, but he can also act operationally within the organisation.

He is personally teaching, service-oriented and purposeful. Christer engage much in product / organisation and often take full responsibility for getting the development process to work effectively. The basis for this is a wide knowledge of the development process of disciplines and a large technical expertise.

In recent years he has mostly worked with technical project management and development, and he has also held roles as tools and integration expert. A common scenario is a department and organisation that need support to get a driver and control their development. He works very well as a link between project management and developers, and is good at finding solutions where all parties benefit.

Christer also has extensive experience in training and coaching, in both technology and processes.