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Johanna Schultz

Johanna is a team player who radiates drive and initiative and with her focus on the customer she always delivers beyond expectations.

Johanna is dedicated with her focus on the right things. She has a comprehensive view and is a person who always gives one hundred percent. Johanna is enterprising, perceptive and solves the problems with her focus on the customer. She quickly acquaints herself with new projects, takes on challenges and always wants to grow. Her positive attitude is contagious and she wants the best for the people she works with. Johanna is a genuine team player who rapidly builds relationships and trust.

Johanna is pragmatic, has a drive, is easy to collaborate with and keeps her team together. She has a solid reputation and puts the team’s commitments and performance before of her own interests. Johanna is strong-willed and sees the possibilities instead of the problems and she is always there for the team. She radiates drive and initiative, identifies the customer’s needs and delivers beyond expectations. Johanna is very stress resistant and inspires with her persistence in demanding situations which keeps the team focused moving their positions forward.

Johanna Schultz

Johanna Schultz


+46 73 445 45 44

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