Leif Elison

Leif Elison

Senior Consultant

Leif is highly committed to building software solutions with customer value delivered fast with a minimum of bureaucracy and waste. Leif introduces joy, energy and pride in this process. In constant search of customers real needs, Leif works relentlessly together with others to fulfil those needs.

Leif takes on assignments as an analyst or manager to work in development organizations with highly complex missions. Leif can lead teams and also coordinate between teams as a program/portfolio manager or release train engineer.

Leif can work in an operational role or supportive as a mentor, coach or educator.

Systems thinking, processes and attention to detail is of the essence in Leifs work, and he has excellent skills in implementing IT system support and other tools to help the business excel.

Leif has since long worked with both classic Agile techniques and LEAN software development, which makes him a keen practitioner of the SAFe Framework. He is also familiar with classic stage-gated waterfall project methods.