Tobias Wallter

Tobias Wallter

Senior Consultant

Tobias is a committed program/project manager, enhancer of development processes and experienced deployment manager.

Tobias takes on assignments as a program/project manager, mentor and specialist for development departments and projects that develop solutions supporting the business. These solutions are often business critical. It’s often a combination of system development and change management like implementing new ways of working, architecture or tools. Tobias can work in an operational role or supportive as a mentor, coach or educator.

Tobias has a background as a computer scientist and has subsequently worked with small, large and global companies. In recent years, customers have mainly been multinational companies within industrial sector and furniture manufacturing, but also smaller companies within the financial and telecom sector. The solutions have been business critical and the programs and projects large and complex.

In recent years, Tobias has mainly worked as a program leader, project manager and deployment manager. In the role of project manager, Tobias has been working operatively with a lot of focus on improvement and change management, and the introduction of new methods and processes as well as working as a mentor and coach.