Development of clinic platform

Diaverum (i)

Diaverum runs dialysis clinics in 14 countries, using different types of clinic systems. Diaverum requested one common system supporting all clinics in all countries taking all, documented as well as undocumented, requirements into account. Most clinics would consequently require new business processes as well.


There are obviously a lot of challenges in a project like this. We identified several challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • A system must be developed that could support different business processes in different countries
  • Complicated requirements regarding language support
  • Relatively low IT maturity among the users
  • Very distributed system environment. Some clinics are located in places where the network behavior is not the best
  • Complicated integrations with local labs, payer systems, insurance companies, regional healthcare organizations, financial systems, etc.
  • Different vendors are involved in the development project
  • We need to define and establish not only the development project but also the target support processes and roll-out project

IT informa established a cross-functional project organization, including resources from 4 external vendors. The responsibilities of IT informa included project management, quality assurance, configuration & change management, security management, and process & method.

  • One common clinic platform delivered on time, on budget. Content defined during the project
  • A system compliant to regulatory requirements in targeted countries
  • User and training documentation
  • Approval from pilot clinics
  • System and methods handed over to support organization
  • New process model and infrastructure, including test environment and tools
  • Roll-out project established
  • Support organization established